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Monday, 17 October 2016

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How to updates Lyf Mobile OS (Operating System)

As we all know Lyf handset is very most affordable smart phones in India. Its officially lunched by RELAINCE jio with 4G jio sim.

All most all Lyf handset come with Android lollipop version. But Lyf handsets gives update to their phone to upgrade their is. I have also get updates for my Lyf flame 1. This phone comes with 1GB ram, 8GB internal memory, 4.5 inch screen overall its a best phone in under RS-4000

Àfter using 2 weeks i found some bad thing which really dispoint you that is

1 GB Ram is enough for any smart phone. But when I install 5-6 apps on this handset its going to very slow and its hang something.

Camera pictures quality is not good. But if you want to enjoy 4G network only then its a very perfect options for you.

OK let's come to the main point

How to update your Lyf handset?

Just follow the instructions given bellow

Goto setting option --- about phone 

Now goto wireless update option

Then click on check for update

If any update available for your phone then just download it.

Note: make sure you have connected with jio 4G fast network or any WiFi networks

Make sure also your phone change will be 40+% 

After downloading just install it, on installation time no need any internet connection. Update installing take 20-30min approximately.

Hope you guys like this article and keep sharing on social media.

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Saturday, 1 October 2016

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How to Take Screenshot on Any Gadget Device

Learn How to Take Screenshot on Any Gadget Device

In the previous article we have learned about how Take Screenshot from Photoscap But now in this article we learn about How to take screenshot on with Any Devices .in this article I’m going to show to full TUT (Tutorials)  of how to take screenshot on any device. This article helps you to take screenshot. But before stating let’s have a look what is screen shot? Screenshot is a picture of any WebPages, or any things which you want to capture. In this article I’m going to reveals all devices tips to take screenshot.
So many time while searching on web or on social networks we have seen a guy a upload his/her WhatsApp  conversation screenshot, that time in our mind one thing come that is how that guy take his/her conversation by cam or it’s has a software. But our thought was wrong that picture is not taking through cam.
Ok now into is enough for you. I don’t want to get you boar any of my blog readers. In this article we show you full explanation about how to take screenshot on any device? Just follow the step which device or in which device do you want to take screen shot.

Android Users

Android Users


Note-all androids OS are same, so if you are using android jelly bean or android lollypop or Marshmallow or Nougat, You have to follow same steps in all android devices. What phone you are use it does not matter, matters only mobile operating software.

How to Take Screenshot on Any Android Device/Mobile?

Note: if you are trying first time to take screen shot then you phone will be lock either volume will be down :-D so no worry keep trying. When I’ve tried first time same thing happened with me also.

Windows Phone Users

Windows Phone Users


Windows OS (operating software) has also same tips to take screenshot; either you have use Microsoft Lamia 535, or any upgrade version. If you are using windows 10 on mobile procedure will be same. In windows phone we has doing same thing about volume key will be up, and in android we have press volume down key

How to Take Screenshot on Windows Phone?

Press together VOLUME UP KEY + LOCK KEY

Iphone/apple phone Users

Iphone/apple phone Users


If you are using iphone/apple phone, you have to do just 3 things to take screenshot

How to Take Screenshot on with An Apple iphone?

Hold Down The Sleep/Wake And Home Button at The Same time and Released Them.

Note For All Device Users: when you take screenshot, You shoud hear a Camera shutter sound while taking screenshot and see awhite screen including the screenshot was taken.


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