Monday, 17 October 2016

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Blockchain Game Full Untold Review

Blockchain is a most popular mobile game for those who want earn real and virtual money online yes Blockchain gives us Real virtual money. Few days ago while research I have found some of game, then I download all game and tested myself own. I was little but doubt on these games, they really pays users. Yes they pays their users in Bitcoin currency's Santoshi.

Blockchain is a very simple game Click here to download blockchain game  and its free of cost

Blockchain available for android and iOS device also
After download blockchain you have to register on this game if you don't want register yourself you have to put your Bitcoin wallets api key

After download bitcoin you can see this type of screen on your device . now click on play button. And your game will start. And your earning money will added on left side upper.

Note: this is online game you can't play it offline. That why they pays users.

How to get api key
Goto bitcoin wallet and register your self with valid email I'd after verification you have to goto setting their you can get your key. From this key you can receive bitcoin money all over the world

Blockchain game dashboards

You can play at least 2 game per day. If you don't have play options on your screen you can see watch video and earn 50 santoshi bottom of app. Just click their and watch that can get 50 santoshi extra. You can also earn 400-700 santoshi by just downloading the some app which you can see on your game dashboards.
Note: please do not share this key with anyone other wise your earning money going to  be hacked.

Note: bitcoin is virtual money

How I get paid?

Once your earning money reach 20,000 santoshi. They sent your money on bitcoin wallet

Hope this article help you to earn you first 1 santoshi.

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